Pull Off Pink Like a Pro

Pink can be an empowering color for the man who is willing to experiment, the "pinkification" of girl's/women's clothes made colors like pink and blue gender specific, this can mostly be blamed for the workforce and manufacturing companies of the 60's and 70's who drove this idea to discourage sibling hand-me-downs, which, resulted in an uptick of consumerism as parents felt more compelled to buy the particular color associated with the gender of their child. 

Moving forward with an open mind, pink is a color I suggest utilizing with full on confidence. This hue calls for bold execution, as spring begins it's ideal to start bringing in your lighter pieces to brighten your wardrobe. For men with darker skin tones especially, lighter colors create a balanced contrast for our look - Lavender pink, amaranth pink, and pastel pink are just a few of the lighter options that are your go-to's. On the other hand, men who have fairer skin should go with Persian pink, rose pink, and hot pink

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Pair pink with browns, blues, and greens like khaki, tan, olive, seafoam green, navy blue, and turquoise. 


Going fully monochrome is the safest option in case you have your doubts on matching it all up.


Millennial Pink is always a good option to add into your denim looks. 

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Remember to accessorize with it as well, but keep it light, the deeper the pink the harder it is on the eyes and the more subtle it should be integrated into your fit. 

Comment below and let me know which fit was your favorite!

Photos by: Sonia Broman of NRG Visuals, Josh of HARA Creative, Mague Banzima of Quistyle and Young Jun Koo