What To Wear In The Winter

Getting right into it, your jacket collection should come off the rack now, I'm not modest about these pieces at all because if we have to layer up we might as well do it in style.



The Bomber

The bomber is a jacket that will never go out of style - the one above is from G-Lab and a favorite of mine. 


Bomber by: G-Lab


The Cut & Sew

Cut & sew jackets are the stand out pieces of your jacket collection. As I always say, I'm big on 1 of 1 peices and customizations with personal touches - this particular jacket I'm wearing is from my TETSU campaign. 


The Teddy Jacket

Jacket by: EPTME

The "Teddy Bear" jackets have been huge this season and for good reason, nostalgic textures are nods to our childhood memories, and as vintage style is constantly reimagined and reclaimed we will continue to see quirky updated items from the past. 


Fall/winter is meant for the wools, cashmere, and warmer fabrics. During these cooler season I always keep my layers chunky! The turtleneck is a staple fall/winter layering piece. Pair it with your favorite coat or wool blazer and you're winning! 


Sweater by: Sunspel Clothing

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Sweater by: Goodwill (Thrifted)


Wool blazers and winter coats are your go to for winter, especially in colder places like New York. Below are a collection of images of how I styled my looks for the frigid fahrenheit. 


Coat: Thrifted 

Hoodie by: Cords

Camel coats and blazers are my go-tos, they are neutral and can make layering easy when you are dressing tonally. 


Traditionally, black coats are an outfit staple usually associated with "boss" icons. Every season I make sure I have one in my coat collection.  


Coat by: Dr. Denim

Bag by: Artphere

The cold months can be discouraging to dress up in, I hope these fits inspire you to elevate your look during the weather extremes. 

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