The Artfit

I think creating work that outlives you is a selfless contribution to the world. The work we do as artists can inspire so many people to be the best version of themselves. Touching the life of at least one person can create a catalyst for change. Fashion, for me, is just like design - a true form of expression. 

I always imagined getting dressed being synonymous with interior decorating, it brings out the best of your purest form, it's the difference between a "house" and a "home". When we take care of how we look we feel confident and also open to other inviting energies.

So, where am I going with this? The finishing touches of our home are usually hanging the artwork for ourselves and others to admire. Well, lets take that same concept and apply it to our wardrobes. I chose to create a few cool looks around artwork being worn as actually pieces, because, just like a home, we are formerly blank canvases that create character around our presentation. 


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Putting together an ensemble like this is all about balance. There is artwork on every piece of my clothing but it all meshes perfectly.


The Artfit

Fashion, for me, is just like design - a true form of expression. 

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Photos by: NRG Visuals

Outfit 1-  Shirt: DOMREBEL / Pants: serenede / Jacket: DOMREBEL / Shoes: Gucci

Outfit 2 - Jacket & Pants: serenede / Hat: New Standard Edition / Shoes: Puma