How Streetwear Culture Sparks Creativity: Babylon Cartel Highlight

I love a good suit, it's timeless armor, but, being able to switch it up every now and then is what truly defines your style. Suiting up can get a bit restrictive at times as it gives a limited canvas to play from - streetwear is much more expressive in regards to style.

Growing up in the inner city of Miami, street style reigned surpreme for me, it reflected my environment and the culture at the time. Remember Bape hoodies and Lil' Wayne mixtapes? If you were from Miami you can't forget the Dickies' shorts/pants, long tees and 305 fitted caps. Needless to say, street style has evolved since and as some of those basic remnants still exist as we now see technical approaches.

Babylon Cartel brand has nailed the aesthetic of what street style has always been and blended high fashion in the mix to create a culturally influenced brand that speaks to the urban market but still can exist and prosper on the runway. I see most brands heading in this direction where the lines of streetwear and high fashion are blurred as the new generation's relaxed take on style redefines popular trends. 

Check out some flicks of a usual day for me in my favorite street style pieces as I creep from the glitz to the grit of Miami's corners. 



This polyester monochromatic padded short sleeve shirt has a rounded neckline and torso with perforated details and split seams along the bottom. I aim to have staple shirts to pull from the closet without the hassle of ironing and still being comfortable and stylish for city dwelling -- it saves me so much time. 

As a millennial it's empowering to see your peers thriving in the the culture and contributing to it tremendously. The Babylon Cartel brand was founded by DJ/Producer Gianni Lee, Art Director/Stylist Aaron Ramey and photographer Mark Wrice. Additionally, as you may have seen in my previous blog posts, my Puma R698 x Vashtie G are sneakers I keep in my street wear rotation because not only do they make a statement but they are the product of what the #CraftPerfecters of this century are putting out. 


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Photos by: HARA Creative

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