DeLaMont for TR / RW Fall 2016 Collection

As the brisk weather greets us, it's time for heavier garments that suit the modern city dweller. Russell Westbrook has teamed up with True Religion for a second collection during Fall 2016. This line-up features destroyed knits, layered hoodies, and bleached denim.

The collection has a muted color palette with rugged textures that make for rad rebel looks. All about boldness and pushing the boundaries this collection is sure to fit the style of the risk-taker, the leader, and the legend. 

The layered white hoodie paired with the bleached Rocco was a win for me, taking on the fall in Florida I went with a light look to keep the heat at bay. If you're in a cooler climate area I would suggest darker pieces to endure the prelude of winter in style. 

Check out how I dressed this look up!

DeLaMont_sig email2.png