Cognac & Crafts: An Experience of Excellence with Rémy Martin

As a result of being a true #CraftPerfecter I received a grand opportunity to explore the true artistry of tastemaking with one of my favorite brand of spirits - Rémy Martin. The carefully crafted cognac was created from centuries of perfecting the process. The nature of the French cognac brand itself is based on exceptional quality and not one time during my experience was it compromised.


Day 1

My trip started with world-class chauffeuring service to my destination. Checking in at the Royalton the first day, I was greeted with royal services. The first evening began with an exclusive tasting of Rémy Martin’s four cognacs from their collection: Eau-de-vie De Vin (crisp, lively, and sophisticated), VSOP (silky, elegant, and layered), 1738 Accord Royal (rich, aromatic, and creamy) and XO (dark, rich, and refined).  A warm entry to what the week would have in store.


The first evening began with an exclusive tasting of Rémy Martin’s four cognacs from their collection.

Day 2

Gabriel Kreuther offered an evening of fine dining and exceptional spirits – a 3 course dinner that consisted of opulent hor d'oeuvres and classic cocktails that complimented every dish. The Royal Sazerac cocktail was a favorite of mine due to its unique texture and citrusy accent. The night was filled with me expanding my taste palette and being exposed to meals and appetizers that created their own world of timeless flavor. Finishing dessert with a glass of Louis XIII topped the night off in splendid fashion. 


Day 3

As the week came to an end, Rémy Martin sent me to the Mulberry Project to learn how to create crafty cocktails, learn the recipes, as well as create my own. The toasts’ to success were endless as I closed out a luxurious experience celebrating the pursuit of my craft. 


Interestingly enough, Rémy Martin created an exquisite experience that was synonymous with the Mister DeLaMont brand's vision -- having fulfillment through true experiences and encouraging success through every avenue of skill one possesses. 

Photos by: Perla Diaz, A-Exclusive Photography, & Eyme XY


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UPDATE: My girlfriend, Eyme, won Rémy Martin's "Circle of Centaurs 2016" contest for her singing skills. This is was completely separate from my win with the "Heart of Cognac" contest due to my storytelling/photography. She recieved the opportunity to chat and share cocktails with Jackie Cruz a.k.a. Flaca of "Orange Is The New Black" and got an exclusive tour of the headquarters here in NYC. The odds of it surprised us, but, I suppose, our talents are worth the rewards - right?