Vacationing is always needed. But when it comes to making every second of your day count as a brand-building mogul, it can become conflicting to purposely put off work. But who says you have to? When I'm taking a time out from my busy schedule I'm still using my leisure time to document my experience.

I decided to take on Hallandale Beach and get away from the commotion of South Beach. Most Miami natives agree, SoBe can be a bit overrated but it's still a lively place to be if you are in Miami. In any case, Hallandale Beach seemed like a private island on a Monday afternoon, I picked up lunch at a local Italian restaurant and enjoyed the peace and quiet of sharing the coast with a handful of visitors. 

Seeing that South Florida can be a premier vacay location (despite how summer heat can be downright disrespectful) light colors are displayed and worn in wardrobe very often, as this not only reflects the cultural influence of the region but the vibrancy of the city's pulse. 90 degrees and up weather makes it the season for pastel tones; many men consider bright colors uncharted territory but if you are a true trendsetter and/or tastemaker it takes no second guessing to make a visual statement. Take a look at how I "bossed up" bright colors. 

Interestingly enough, I find peace in having a full schedule. At such a pivotal time in my life, productivity is priority. Photograph, paint, blog, design; whatever it is that will contribute to ehancing your brand -- DO IT! 

Idleness is a luxury of childhood, make the most of your 24 hours! 

- Mr. DeLaMont 

Shirt: Lacoste // Shorts: GAP // Shoes: Aldo (Dress Lace-Ups)