I'm Just Warming Up...

Fall is here, folks! My favorite time for men's fashion! As the new Menswear Director for Florida State University's Diverse World Fashion Magazine I am thrilled to make an impression and put my creativity to use in a new arena. Here is my look for early autumn...

When it comes to being a dapper gent you can never go wrong with a great pair of velvet loafers. Sported on celebrities such as Kanye West in his "Runaway" short film, a classic tasseled loafer is always of good taste. I picked this red pair up while catching a major discount for serving as the ASOS brand ambassador for my campus, needless to say, I capitalized on the opportunity to pick up staple items for the fall.

Snagged this sick sweater up in Atlanta on a spontaneous trip to a Childish Gambino concert. When I'm not searching for interesting garments they end up finding me when I'm least prepared to purchase and usually make the sacrifice and miss a meal or two but a year or so later I look back and say...it was worth it.

To break up the red I chose the grey wool pant to complete my look as I spent the afternoon taking in the amazing views of autumn. The benefits of being in North Florida is experiencing the four seasons and dressing warm. I suppose the more up north I travel the more options I'll have when it comes to fall/winter styles...wishful thinking eh?

Happy Fall!
-Mr. DeLaMont

Sweater: Your Neighbors // Shirt: H&M Wool Suit Pants // Shoes: ASOS Red Tasseled Velvet Loafer