Vacation Land

Diverse World Fashion Magazine has provided me with the platform to articulate my artistic expressions through style. As my time as Menswear Director came to an end, I was presented with the opportunity to have the tables turned and be the subject of choice for the men's last shoot of the semester! Usually, I'm orchestrating the shoot, styling, and communicating my ideas and visions with the photographer, but it was very different to be the model this time. 

Floral prints emerge this time of the year and it's a fun pattern to be stylish in but it's never meant to be overdone. If you wear a floral hat, ditch the floral shirt and/or shorts, stray away from catching floral fever! Pieces this busy should only be used as statement pieces, let the rest of your outfit balance out the look -- judge at your own discretion. 

This all white look for the summer is clean, however, adding the tropic-print bucket hat provides a pop of color and seals the deal with details. You don't have to sacrifice style for comfort, this leisurely look still allows you to be impressionable even while relaxing and enjoying the day off. 

We all need a vacation every now and then, make it a stylish one and don't be afraid to add items to your wardrobe that bring it to life without clashing. In the summer, even minimalistic looks can use a pick me up with hints of personality. 

As far as this experience, it was truly a rewarding one, and I am so thankful for the many opportunities this magazine has allowed me to express myself and help others gain experience in the process. Big thanks to my team and close friends; Robert Bala, Kendyl Bell, Rick Moore and Perla Diaz, and many more who assisted in the production (too many to list). This shoot was a great note to leave on and a great start to look forward to this summer!

Happy Vacationing, 

Mr. DeLaMont

LOOK 1: Shirt: H&M Floral Button Down // Shorts: Levi's // Slip-Ons: Aldo //  Shades: Thrifted 

LOOK 2: Shirt: H&M Short Sleeve // Shorts: Zara's // Shoes: Nike Velcro Lace Sneakers //  Bucket Hat: Anomoly Ulmtd.

Photos By: Tyler Babin

Styling By: Kendyl Bell