The Holiday Gent

Tis' the season to be dapper, gents. In fact, every season is meant to be clean and look your best, I'll say! I partnered with 15 Ties to highlight one of my favorite ties from the "Woodsman Cometh Collection" - The Cozy Tweedster. This piece of knitted neckwear is perfect for the season, I used it as a statement piece with my muted color olive suit. I made a festive look without being too loud with the color story, I wanted to balance out my wardrobe with a style that was sleek while complimenting my setting. The Cozy Tweedster burgundy tie gave me an alternative from the traditional red we see every holiday season as well as the olive/tan suit detail toning down the rich greens. Throw on a scarf to transition with ease to those chilly night breezes and dress your holiday up with style and dapperness. 

- Cheers,


Suit: H&M // Shirt: Topman // Shoes: Aldo // Tie: 15 Ties // Scarf: Louis Vuitton // Watch: James Mccabe London Watches