The Dream Chasers & Craft Perfecters

As millennials, we are aggressively chasing our dreams and creating our own lanes. Influencing my friends/family/youth with my talent is the best thing in the world! The product of pursuing my passion is indescribably fulfilling. 

I had the opportunity to style FAMU alumnus Kristi Chin for her grad photos as she prepares to earn her 3rd degree. Styling her was a celebration of excellence, exemplifying what it looks like when a group of passionate dream chasers get together and make a vision come to life! I think collaboration is always better than competition -- for me, it was a task that opened my eyes to new opportunities. Being a Craft Perfecter, it's always about new accomplishments, building bridges, and not just talking about your dreams but deliberately making them come true. 

I have the chance to do what I love while impacting and inspiring those around me, that's what makes this journey worthwhile...

The Creative Director of Craft Perfecters

- Mister DeLaMont





Photos By: Joshua Smith of HARA Creative