The Cognac Connoisseur

I had the opportunity to have an exclusive tastemaker experience with Remy Martin and I think it's safe to call myself a cognac connoisseur! Major thanks to Remy Martin for the informative experience of taste mastery and the art of blending. Remy Martin has always been my #1 liquor of choice but I'm even further impressed at the intent and passion put into the process of creating these aged spirits all the way from the rolling hills of France. This is truly the core of craft perfecting...Ordre De La Vie! 

Check out some of the photos of my experience along with interesting facts, so next time you have a party you can school your friends like a true "alcohol artisan". 


courtesy of Remy Martin

Fun Fact: Louis XIII is aged for 1,200 years and starts at $3,200.

When taking taste notes for your cognac, always make sure you take your time to smell it's aroma, when tasting make sure you use your entire tongue for the tasting. 

1738. A rich blend of gingerbread, fig, cocoa, and toffee for a brisk finish. Perfect for a Royal Sazerac that makes for a smooth tasting/aromatic experience.

Here's the transition of cognac aged from its birth to 100 years. The more it ages the more chemical components. It's a meticulous artistry that takes careful refinement from the Ugni Blanc grapes harvested in white chalky soul to the century old oak barrels it's stored in. 

Remy Martin is a perfect example of what a true #CraftPerfecter is. Take the time to create and you'll get a masterpiece.


- Mr. DeLaMont