Artistic Adventures & Stylish Strolls

Coming from Miami I often find myself looking everywhere for influences of my city. Being a student here in Tallahassee, every South Floridian knows the North Florida lifestyle is much different from the subtropical paradise 7+ hours away. When Cascade Park was built here it was a refreshing twist from the red clay, moss covered wilderness that landscapes the capital. I decided to take a stylish stroll down Gaines Street leading up to the recreational site. Sporty and casual keep comfort and style at a perfect balance.

Raybans are a signature men's accessory, especially in the Florida heat. My Rayban tortoise wayfarers are always clutch for those hot days when the sun is relentless!

Stripes always break up the expected and bring an illusion of contrast. My thrifted ombre striped sweater went perfect with my Adidas Zx Zadu's. The pops of light pastels brought out an exciting mix against the more neutral off-white in the sweater and olive cargos.

As I casually creeped down the creative blocks I was satiated with artwork that reminded me so much of the heavily influenced art deco scene that Miami offers -- being away from home doesn't seem so bad after all.

When wearing sneakers that beg to be boasted the pin roll cuff is a must for the modern gentleman. The colors come together perfectly, and as an artist myself, I couldn't ask for more in the scenery.

Make your next adventure a stylish one, folks!

Have a great week! 

-Mr. DeLaMont


Sweater: Thrifted Ombre Striped Sweater // Pants: Levi’s Olive Cargos  Shoes: Adidas Zx Zadu  Sunglasses: Rayban Tortoise Wayfarers // Watch: Vice Versa