How To Step In To The Saint Pablo Tour

Like true Kanye fashion, walking into the Kanye West concert you must exude a cocky swagger accompanied by a god-like aura. 

Kanye's has always been a wearer of distressed denim, dyed garments, and fly footwear. Paying homage to his style I was inspired by his outfit in Schoolboy Q's "That Part" video. As an avid Kanye concert goer I have been to all of his tours except Watch The Throne.  For rookie attendees it was an experience that had them in awe, for the veterans like myself, it was a reminder of how passionate he is for aesthetics and how consistent he has been throughout the years with innovation. 

Pick a pair of Adidas Yeezy's, Tubulars, or Boosts, a pair of joggers/distressed denim, a tee with texture and character and a badass jacket to complete the look. Queue the uber pregame playlist and ride to the concert on an ultra light beam ready to make waves walking in. 

My denim jacket was custom made by myself -- for your very own custom shirt/jacket you can contact me via email or DM for pricing. 

- Mister DeLaMont