To Beach or To Pool?

Since graduation week/weekend I didn't get a chance to relax and take time out for myself at all. Catching the flu didn't make things better either, so after  getting a day off work I decided to make a spontaneous getaway trip to Siesta Key, Florida. Many of the tourists who visit Florida only know of Miami and Orlando, but it's much more cities in the Sunshine State that are worth traveling to!

Siesta Key is perfect for a quick getaway to get your mind right and reenergize. While everyone goes to the popular vacation spots I look for the secluded locations that offer the same scenery all while providing new experiences. With summer approaching my snapchat will be filled with tropic visuals and picturesque palettes. 

The hardest decision I have to make on vacation is figuring out whether the beach or the pool is the move to make. Not to worry, it's a good problem deciding that. When the circumstances around you aren't favorable...MAKE THEM! 

- Mr. DeLaMont

Shirt: Ralph Lauren (Navy Polo) // Shorts: Old Navy // Sneakers: Zara  // SunglassesH&M