My NYFW Recap

I finally got around to updating my blog from a busy week in New York City! This trip to NYC was nothing short of greatness, I love the energy of New York -- I get more done here in a week than I do at home in a month, so the trips are always worth every minute. I took the time to do more than just concentrate my focus in Manhattan but to actually get around the boroughs like Brooklyn and Bronx and immerse myself in the culture of these places. I went from attending an art show in Bed-Stuy to spending time with locals of the city in Harlem at a bar that recreated the vibes of the Harlem Renaissance.

The highlight of my NYFW was having the honor to tour the GQ Headquarters and officially becoming partners with GQ as a Menswear Brand Influencer. I was exclusively invited to attend the Gent Lounge hosted by GQ and had the opportunity to check out the new edition of the GQ Style. I had a great time meeting up with fellow influencers, making new friends, clients, and business partners. 

Until next trip, NYC! Cheers!

- Mr. DeLaMont  


DAY 2 




Photos by: @TashaBleu