My FlameKeepers Hat Club Story

FlameKeepers Hat Club passes the torch of good taste from one generation to the next. I had the chance to visit their shop in Harlem and was welcomed with timeless accessories that all told their very own story. Being able to collaborate with FlameKeepers and share my vision of style through their hats was inspiring and it added the finishing touches to my suit as I sprinted through the streets of Manhattan to handle business. 

Many of the images I put out on social media are not what I seen often growing up in the hood of Miami. I believe that's why people find it hard to believe a guy like me came from Carol City. Everyday I wish to fight stereotypes and stigmas and how my community is represented. Much of my inspiration is drawn from older eras of time where images of dressy African Americans were much more common on a day-to-day basis. If I can't inspire young men to adopt a new perspective with style, at the least I wish to instill positive imagery in their minds to stay on the right path and live a lifestyle that supports personal success.



- Mr. DeLaMont

Photos by: Chuck Marcus