Layered Minimalism

Recently, I stumbled upon some abandoned areas in Tallahassee a few days ago and I was compelled to capture some abstract elements while highlighting some shots of layered minimalism. With fall peaking in, it's only appropriate to bring in cooler colors and plenty neutrals that compliment washed denims.

The interesting story behind this shirt is that it was a hand-me-down from my frat brother that bears the word "PHLI" often mistaken for "PHILI" when I wear it. Initially I didn't like the fit of it but once I began to add other pieces to layer it with, it became a favorite t-shirt of mine especially during this season. And if you don't own you a pair of Nike Roshe Runs they are a great investment, comfortable, relatively affordable and most of all, versatile.

This army green long sleeve shirt has honestly been a piece in my closet that I never bothered to wear but didn't want to give away. It's finally found a purpose in my wardrobe and seeing that extra zippers, pockets, and other gadgets have become popular on most shirts now, I can say it's time this gets the dust wiped off and put in rotation for fall basics.

Take it easy stepping into fall, keep it simple!


Stay inspired, folks.

-Mr. DeLaMont 

Long Sleeve Shirt: F.U.S.A.I. // Shirt: Black Oversized Tee  // Shoes: Nike Roshe Runs // 

Jeans: Denim H&M Slim Fit Jeans // Watch: Timex Men's Classic Digital Band