Lacoste LIVE x Addict Launch


A neon-lit night under a full moon and stars overlooking trainquil waves and the city on Soho Beach House's rooftop. What more could one ask for? Well, strong drinks, cool kicks, and warm conversation of course! The annual tennis tournament, Miami Open, was in full swing this weekend and it served as a catalyst for collaboration. Clyde Edwards of Addict Miami celebrated the 30th anniversary of the thriving business and the highest point of this past weekend was the premier of his very own passion project. 

As a sneaker connoisseur, I know how fulfilling it must be to work with such a respected brand like Lacoste to create a limited product inspired from decades of heritage and quality. Both pairs premiered were inspired from the construction of Lacoste's tennis rack and the classic tennis ball. With micro pin perf inner linings -- both shoes promote breathability and comfort for the court to casual wear. 

The launch-turned-party was a picturesque kickback that made both guests and locals feel empowered to share positive energy and be in the midst of such a pivotal platform. 



Soho Beach House alone is a venue of mastered decor and taste as well as careful architectural craftsmanship. As a tastemaker, I was so appreciative of its ambiance, but the added details to compliment the Lacoste LIVE x Addict event were particularly interesting -- Miami's signature neon lighting, croc floats, and projector displays, set the entire scene. 



The Lacoste LIVE x Addict launch brought some of the city's most influential Craft Perfecters to come out and play. This event was certainly a pivotal moment for the city's best. I caught up and reunited with so many of my friends and peers, a sign that I must've been in the right place this weekend. 


It's one thing to thrive on social media but to be socially engaged and live in the moment with the game changers is a different experience altogether. Thanks Lacoste LIVE, Addict Miami, and Soho Beach House for making this such a dope event!


Mister DeLaMont