The 3rd Generation Grad

Let's go back to 1951, Tallahassee, Florida, where orange dirt trails, lush landscape, and a few buildings spread across the campus of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College. My grandfather marched the campus as a ROTC student. The school as we know it was premature in its development but still one of the most prominent and culturally rich historically black colleges. To think that the same man would be back 64 years later to see his grandson graduate from the same institution he attended as a young man himself -- profound yet fulfilling. 

One of the proudest moments of my life happened less than a week ago, I graduated from one of the world's most renown HBCUs and to think only 5 years ago I was just leaving high school from one of Miami's worst neighborhoods. My struggle, my story, has been one of legendary tales. My journey to this achievement has been one of the most difficult yet the most rewarding. I crossed paths with individuals I thought I could only see from my television. I capitalized on opportunities that scared me they were so grand. I joined the brotherhood of a lifetime that changed history. Most importantly, I left an impression on so many individuals. 

Graduation Details

I can't thank my university enough for providing me with the knowledge, experience, and opportunities throughout my tenure as an undergrad. I faced challenges every single day but while my limits were pushed I matured as man and grew as a leader. The question of the century has been "What do you plan on doing now?", "What's next?"...well, as of now I plan to keep things a surprise but know that every step is onward and upward. Being an avid chess player, I 'd like to think that any move from here on out is in preparation for a checkmate. Real I come.

(cues Kanye West's "Good Morning") 

On this day...we become legendary,

- Mr. DeLaMont

In dedication to my grandmother, rest peacefully, queen. 

Suit: H&M // Loafers: House of Hounds  Tie: J.Crew  // Handkerchief: Topman // Watch: ASOS