Gentleman's Summer Essentials

The first day of summer is Father's Day and what better time to be in the know about the gentleman's essentials for the warm months ahead. Typically, men's number 1 item of choice is usually a pair of sunglasses. For me, it's the weekend bag for the win; summer is the season for travel and that means being able to pick everything up and go at a moment's notice. Why not do it in style? Bring out the canvas textured bags to compliment light fabrics for the warm weather. Check out my highly recommended items that will enhance your summer steez.




Loafers or boat shoes, whatever summer shoe you choose, wear these and you won't regret it. 


The summer always brings rain. Prepare yourself. 


Block the sun and hide your head on those days you need a haircut.


Chino pants were nice for the spring but it's time to cut em' off.


No matter what adventures you take on, stay timely even in the wildest extremes.  


Pool or beach. These will come in handy.


If you don't have to drive, don't. Cycle around the city like a true dapper gent. 


Keep it casual even on the rainy/pool days. 


A summer no-brainer. Always, keep your cool.


Can't go anywhere this summer without it! The weekend bag will be with you often.

Happy summer to come, fellas! 

- Mr. DeLaMont