Fall In Florida

Traditionally when Autumn arrives, most of the country's scenery is transitioning to hues of orange and yellow leaves accompanied by brisk temperatures. For a place like South Florida where there are no prevalent seasonal changes, "fall fashion" may not seem too practical - but it's possible to pull it off without burning up. 

South Florida is warm and extremely humid but for those gents who want to ditch the tanks and shorts to welcome the new season - keep it light! 

A breezy afternoon calls for a light sweater and a button up -- use a short sleeve so you can keep it breathable underneath. The "no white after Labor Day" rule is lame, keep out those white trousers post-summer and pair them up with your best nude tones. Here's how I styled up to welcome fall:

Sweater: J.Crew // Button Up (Short Sleeve): Topman // Trousers: Banana Republic // Shoes: Cole Haan



Mr. DeLaMont