Fake Da Funk 2015

As my last semester being a college undergrad comes to a close I have been making these days nothing but memorable. So when I was requested by popular demand to portray my favorite style icon and music artist -- Kanye West, for a third time, I was excited to do so. Florida A&M University's Fake Da Funk lets students act as their favorite artist and perform on stage in front of fellow peers! Following Mr. West's trendsetting since middle school, the outfits that I put together for the show were my renditions of outfits I've seen him wear previously.



Kanye West is a "futurist". Whenever we thought about how we saw ourselves in the future we look at movies like "The Matrix", well let's face it, we are living in the future now. Minimalism and contrast has become modern in technology, design, and fashion. Colors are expressive but all black is always chic. 

Ye's signature look lately has been long coats and slim waxed denim jeans, this entire outfit was no more than $100! Between goodwill and retail store sales, any look can be achieved when you search and take the time to get the details down. 

Looking the part is the first step in making the audience believe your act. Kanye and Rihanna are no rookies when it comes to making hits together. Mimicking the latest hit "Four Five Seconds", my friend, Faith and I, teamed up and made the Roc nation duo come to life!


My last time performing on the stage of Lee Hall as Kanye West and it was the truly an experience of a lifetime! The most funniest part of this is that our Instagram photo made it to @TheShadeRoom with over 12,000 likes -- we had become campus celebrities overnight. Have fun, laugh, and live a little...it's worth the memories I assure you. 


- Mr. DeLaMont


LOOK 1: Shirt: H&M Long Sleeve // Coat: Thrifted // Jeans: Thrifted //  Shoes: Nike Roshe Runs 

LOOK 2: Shirt: Jos. A. Banks  // Jacket: 21 Men  // Jeans: Thrifted //  Boots: Army Surplus


I'm still waiting on quality videos from this year's performance but for now, here is some footage of last year's show: