DeLaMont for Adidas x Yeezy

Backed by Kanye's "Shoe of the Year" acceptance at the Footwear News Achievement Awards, it's safe to say that the Adidas Yeezy Boost collection by Kanye West has been the most sought after shoe collection of the year. Released in 3 versions (350s - low tops), (750s high tops), (950s - duck boots) these were all a part of the entire Yeezy Season 1 collection for this collaboration with Adidas. Many critics have their opinions about the overall presentation and high price points, but nonetheless, the quality is unquestionable -- as I found that beyond aesthetics, the duck boot 950 Boosts in particular, were the most worthy investment. 

Trying these on for the first time was a new experience altogether. Not only did I gain an extra 2-3 inches in height but the elevated soles were reinforced with extremely comfortable insoles that were comparable to Dr. Scholls. For me, these are not practical for everyday style but worn as a seasonal shoe you can't go wrong with this neutral boot. I spilled juice on these and trekked through mud, and very little was stained and easily cleanable. They are heavy duty, military inspired all the way through, and put to the test these will last you decades.

As a major Kanye fan I couldn't miss out on the entire collection, so the 950 Boosts sealed the deal for me. Inspired by the Yeezy Season collection I put some looks together for myself in the "Moonrock" colorway.  

The Adidas Tubulars were another popular sneaker of the year, recent collabs with Pharrell, Stan Smith, and Pusha-T have shown that they have done their homework in regards to the culture of our generation -- Adidas gets the millennials!


As the culture of fashion revolutionizes we see trends with hybrid concepts like 'Athleisure', where sporty wear meshes with casuals to make utility pieces. We even see dapper refinement crossing into the untamed street wear world; the lines are blurred and boundaries are erased. For me, it's something to embrace as we shift with the fast-paced culture of modern trendsetting.