Classic Man

Chivalrous gestures, tailored garments, and top-notch taste -- to be a gentleman is to be a role model of sorts. Fathers, uncles, brothers, nephews, and sons, can all benefit from tips on "Classic Man" etiquette. You can never go wrong with taking care of how you present yourself to the world. Doing this will not only enhance your lifestyle both personally and professionally, but it will allow you to maintain respectable relationships with everyone around you. 

Details are everything when it comes to personal style, it's what makes you distinctive. I'm big on prints because they can give an outfit subtle personality. A dapper guy is a confident guy -- find a signature look for yourself to define your personal style. Also, stay well-groomed, it's a sign that you take yourself seriously and leaves a good impression. Putting gentlemanly habits into practice will take you along way, especially with the ladies.   

Fellas, let's face it, the bulky pockets are goofy. Slim down your look and find ways to take away uneccessary items. My iPad, a book and notepad are my leisure items I prefer to travel with. Keeping all of this in a case saves me from the anxieties of misplacement and adds to my personal style.   


Summer days in the south are no games! Now is the time for short sleeve shirts under the blazer. Stick to linens and light cotton if you must suit up in the scorching heat. Check out my previous post "Gentleman's Summer Essentials" for what you'll need to survive the 90 degrees plus weather. 

Over time I've learned through personal experiences that keeping your composure in the most stressful situations is worth keeping your character in tact! In today's culture it may be challenging to live up to the "good guy" nature, but the truth is, the energy you put out is the energy you receive back. Encourage those around you, build the youth up, most importantly, be a CLASSIC will NEVER go out of style! 

- Mr. DeLaMont 


Blazer: H&M Shirt: Slate & Stone Clothing // Pants: H&M // Shoes: Zara // Watch: Aldo // Shades: H&M // iPad/Carry Case: Chaps by Ralph Lauren Elmhurst