Mr.DeLaMont for Chilli Beans USA / The Beatles

In dedication to the most influential rock band in history, I teamed up with Chilli Beans USA and Evocative LA  to highlight a milestone in music history with the culture of timeless style. The Beatles' influence on society can still be seen today through record samples, art, even lifestyles. Today marks the remembrance of the Beatles' Co-Founder John Lennon as we reflect upon his lagacy after 35 years since his untimely death.

Chilli Beans USA proudly announces the arrival of its newest limited collectors edition which is now available just in time for the holiday season! My favorite from the collection is this simple stainless steel timepiece. The gold frame and black waxed leather band makes this watch a classic accessory for any occasion. I can wear it on the run or dress it up for a formal night out; the versatility is what makes this a perfect gift for any gentleman. 

Tis' the season to be stylish. As they say at GQ, "Look Sharp + Live Smart".

- Cheers,

Mr. DeLaMont


Watch: Chilli Beans USA RE.CR.0171 // $78.00