Charlotte Charm

This summer, I'm traveling every time I have an opportunity to. My first trip begins in Charlotte, North Carolina. The southern charm of this city was interestingly welcoming. It wasn't my first time in NC but I had never visited Charlotte. The "Queen City" is home of the nation's first gold rush and second largest banking center behind New York. My sister's high school graduation brought me here but also the delicious soul food! After being deprived of hearty home-cooked meals while in college, I found it rewarding to feast with family and kick my summer off with a bang.

Uptown was bustling with street horses, food trucks, art vendors, and unusually talented "performers". I even passed by The House of Abbeydale to see what threads they had up their sleeves (by far one of my favorite places). The architecture was worth capturing every step of the way; although I was unsure of what to expect before I came, I was pleased with the exploration of new scenery. Enjoy the visuals! 

-Mr. DeLaMont

Shirt: ASOS // Pants: Express // Shoes: ASOS // Hat: Topman

Watch: Aldo