My morning ritual usually consists of me scrolling down my timeline for 20-30 minutes to catch the latest updates of events to network at, seeking visual inspiration, and engaging with my followers. When I caught @YesJulz & @NormaNow drop the flyer for #BESTDAYEVERMIAMI 1 Year Anniversary I immediately was taken back to when I first attended the event at the Mondrian Hotel on South Beach.

Best Day Ever Miami for me was an alternative for beaching/clubbing or your typical Miami outing. Here we are today and this dynamic duo has had a year of success having fun and branding themselves as some of the hardest working women in Miami. 

It was my second time attending after a year and it didn't disappoint; water guns, dope music, and cool people -- the chemistry for a LIT event! Beginning a new chapter in life, I look forward to working alongside some of these culture curators as the wave of creativity, consciousness, and cool molds a new generation of leaders. In the words of @YesJulz, We're "#NEVERNOTWORKING!" 

ALWAYS surround yourself amongst good company! 

- Mr.DeLaMont


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