Art District Adventures

I'm back in Wynwood and this time I'm not just here for the vibrant walls of art. Morgan's restaurant sits in the creative hub of Midtown Miami. Morgan's arguably has the best brunch in the city and it has healthy choices to choose from, I make it my business to grub here whenever I visit. The Pillow Brioche French Toast is my favorite on the menu, but, the chicken and waffles, omelets, and eggs Benedict are delicious dishes as well. You can never go wrong with a fruit bowl or a healthy smoothie either -- put this place on your bucket list if you ever plan on visiting Miami. 

After getting full from a serious brunch break I walked it off getting inspired by some of my favorite paintings in Wynwood. If you know me you know my favorite movie genre categories include horror and gangster. Posted up by Tony Montana, Don Corleone, The Terminator, The Joker, and countless other bosses and rebels inspires me to be iconic in my own right (doing it the honest way of course). 

Being a nostalgic nineties kid the "I REMEMBER PARADISE" wall always reminds me of the Zebra "Fruit Stripes" gum. The color palette and abstract pattern makes it impossible to miss this reminiscent work of art. 

I'm a big kid at heart, so being amidst so much color and art takes me back to elementary days when Michael Jordan's Space Jam had everyone believing they could fly, and when playing outside was cool instead of being pinned up in the house as a slave to devices. I am certain that my childhood memories are what drive my creativity the most. 

In other news, I am planning to attend Art Basel this year! After missing out on it for so many years due to college, I think it's safe to say I can now go without being worried about the road trip and exams! 

Stay inspired and virtuously venture out for your vision.

- Mr. DeLaMont

Shirt: 8 & 9 Clothing // Shorts: Topman // Shoes: Nike Roshe Runs