An "Empowered You" Recap

This past Saturday I had the pleasure to team up with Puma to give live coverage of "An Empowered You" presented by Simons Sportswear. A 4 course event that entailed: brunch and mimosas, a panel of industry professionals giving their advice from their trajectory of success, live performances, and fashion shows presented by Puma and Angel Brinks. 

The highlight for me was Puma's show in honor of Black History Month that paid homage to the legacy of alumni legends with a collection commemorating David T. Howard High School paraphernalia. The historic Atlanta high school groomed plenty of notable leaders of the civil rights movement, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. being one of the most known, and of course "Clyde" himself. As a fan of Puma's "Clyde" collection I think the collection was fitting for this month as we celebrate all of the accomplishments of African Americans. 

The takeaways I got from this event all together, in particular advice from the inspiring panel was that giving up is never an option and there is no cut off time for your dreams. You need a team and as long as you continue to place people in an environment they can flourish in we all can progress in our community. 

Thanks for reading! 

-Mister DeLaMont