An Afternoon in Downtown

Photo Oct 15, 4 18 37 PM.jpg

I ventured in downtown Tallahassee to take out some time from being a workaholhic - Autumn is the ideal season for suits, and as usual, when I'm booked with plans and have errands to run I like to dress sharp to keep me productive. Here is what I'm wearing...

I usually wear oxfords with my suits but just to switch it up and relax my look I wore my loafers from ASOS. My striped knit tie brings some personality to the minimalism of my entire wardrobe. Staying stylish on the move can be daunting but it doesn't require having an abundance of clothes -- when you can add statement pieces to the few shirts/pants/suit(s) you have in rotation you can create nice combos. As a college student it's a great way to go about staying on point with little to work with. 

My personal brand is so important to me and I am somewhat of a perfectionist with what I wear, essentially, dressing well as a young man can serve as a business card! Go out and get it! 


Stay inspired, folks. 

-Mr. DeLaMont


Shirt: J.Crew Collar Shirt // Suit: RR. Orsini // Shoes: ASOS Tassel Leather Loafers
Watch: Vice Versa // Tie: Thrifted