The Man.

Lamont Howard is a 25 year old native of Miami, FL, who's always been surrounded and influenced by diverse communities. This has allowed him to appreciate the universal language of cultural preservation. Through art, style, and communication he has recognized value in self-expression; ultimately discovering that design and fashion live synonymously.

His role as a freelance graphic artist has allowed him to implement solutions for individuals and companies alike who seek to find a competitive edge for their business through visual representation/user experience. Extending his services from Australia to Africa, he's partnered with clients globally to meet the needs of their brand's awareness. 

His professional experience as a men's stylist has allowed him to partner with GQ Magazine, Aldo, ASOS, Cartier, Liberty Fairs, Superga, Topman, ZeroUV, and many other credible brands in the fashion industry. 

As an influencer he has provided reviews and exposure through his follower base for brands resulting in sale increases via marketing and product knowledge. 

Howard's most defining projects/jobs include: delegating the menswear micro-influencer team of Liberty Fashion & Lifestyle Fairs as a content curator for emerging brands and identifying fashion trends with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons contributing to the development of urban graduates, ultimately enhancing their image as millennial males via the Argyleculture brand. 

He constantly challenges himself to influence urban youth as a model for success. He is actively seeking ways to sharpen his craft and optimize opportunities. Collaboration is key in progress -- let the Mister DeLaMont brand help build your brand!